Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Most politicians make promises to end corruption or to impose a lower tax. But PAS goes further; they promise heaven to anyone who supports them. The words trip off their tongues so easily; vote for PAS, and we will reach the gates of paradise. This kind of con artistry is all pretty harmless, if people vote PAS because they really believe that mere men can grant them paradise then that’s their prerogative. However, it becomes dangerous when PAS uses it’s access card to heaven as a way to recruit members who in turn becomes a terrorist.

 PAS makes lavish promises not because they believe their own promises, but because they crave a loyal and hardcore group of followers. PAS irresponsibly deceives their supporters by promising Heaven to those that unfailingly support them. They create a new class of citizens, a class of citizens, that does not play well with other citizens of Malaysia, they create animosity and dissention between people who normally get along. PAS makes its edicts on a lofty perch where they are the only ones who are correct, they are the perfect Muslims, they are only second to God. So that even if PAS commits a wrong, there is always a valid justification. After all God is never wrong and apparently Nik Aziz is only second to Him. This encouragement of blind hero worship created a group of political supporters that are in a class of their own. The Unit Amal PAS is an example of PAS’ strong following, members of this unit act as police to the PAS members. They are so sure that they are correct that they see themselves tas the law. The laws that apply to you or me are beneath them. They will do anything and everything to protect the party and the leadership in the name of Islam and Jihad.

Being Islamic experts the leaders of PAS must know that what they are doing is wrong, but political greed soothes their conscience. Unfortunately, their followers blindly follow without a second thought that the men that they follow may be leading them to a gruesome end.
These young men come to a stage where they realize that the fighting at home is too bland for their tastes. Street demonstrations and political rallies are not enough to get them into paradise, surely they must have a more dramatic entrance when they reach paradise. That’s when they turn to the more dangerous battlefields of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, where war is rife and proving their self worth is easier to attain.  This is where trouble begins
Whilst in Malaysia, these men are brainwashed into thinking that it is their Muslim responsibility to make Malaysia an Islamic state, failure to do so means failure as a Muslim. As long as they stay in Malaysia their efforts are largely political, getting enough people to support PAS so that it legally becomes government one day. However, the restless youth, with the encouragement from PAS leaders, decide to take their Islamic duties a step further and venture off to foreign lands where military life is the norm. In places like Syria and Iraq our once harmless youth are taught militancy strategy and terrorist tactics using military grade weapons. So the combination of PAS brainwashing and foreign military strategy has created a new breed of super terrorists. These super terrorists are born and bred in Malaysia by people who are supposed to be responsible leaders of our nation.

 They encourage the Malaysian youth to leave the safety of their country and family and take up arms in the Middle East. Failure to survive, equals to an abundance of wealth in the after life. Those same people who harmlessly believed that they can enter Paradise with the stroke of a pen come voting time or who believed that they could attain paradise by encouraging other Malaysians to support PAS have become dangerous militants who are out for blood instead of votes.

 And what does PAS do when they see what their words have wrought? They turn their backs and pretend ignorance of the existence of these people. Ustaz Mohd Lotfi Ariffin, a member of PAS, is an example of a PAS promise gone wrong. A member of PAS until recently, Lotfi was promised paradise by PAS if he became a militant. When he inadvertently followed the teachings of PAS, he ended up in Syria, leaving behind his six children to fight for a cause that even he himself is not sure of. Reaching Syria, Lotfi like many people today decided to post his little adventure on Facebook, and it blew up in PAS’ face.

Malaysians were horrified to find out that one of their own was fighting in Syria. It’s a well-known fact that those who commit violence against a mass of people are called terrorists, not jihadists. We were appalled and humiliated that a terrorist was calling himself a Malaysian. While most Malaysians were worrying over the existence of terrorists and the possibility that they will come back to Malaysia and continue terrorism at home, PAS was frantically trying to come up with a plan of action. And the best that they could come up with? Deny, Deny, Deny.

 They encouraged a man to put his life at risk, took a chance that his six children will grow up without a father and without a stable source of income, emboldened normally peaceful folks to become terrorists, but worst of all they have put all our lives in Malaysia at risk. When these PAS terrorists finish with whatever they’re doing in Syria, they will inevitably come home. And do you think they are going to go back and play happy family? Do you think they will be satisfied attending the annual party AGM? No. Their bloodlust will not be satisfied by playing politics. They will pick up where they left off in Syria. They will continue “God’s Work” here in Malaysia and suddenly we are the enemies. Those of us who do not fit their bill of the good Muslim becomes the enemy. Our death is their key to paradise, this is what was promised them by PAS. Where is PAS in all this? Frantically terminating 
memberships, distancing themselves from the  havoc that they have created.

Insisting that they are a peaceful party, that they have nothing to do with the actions of their members. Pretending offence when people accuse them of creating these terrorists.  Is revoking a membership enough? How can you call yourselves responsible leaders when you cannot take responsibility for the actions of your followers? How can you stand there playing the innocent while your country faces a daunting future that resembles the fate of those in Syria and Iraq?

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  1. You have stated a gruesome truth my brother. The possiblity that these misled individuals would roam the grounds of Malaysia is indeed high if not properly checked...